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Acid Doom


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mangy_scots_git This album is a work of sonic perfection; just when I thought I knew what my favorite track was the next one would come on and make me re-think the decision.
The Socialist Birder
The Socialist Birder thumbnail
The Socialist Birder No small wonder this album is picking up loads of praise! Coming on like Curved Air on steroids with quality songwriting and musicianship all round. Vocalist Lynx however deserves extra credit for the incredible range of her voice. One minute occupying the Grace Slick/Sonja Kristina groove then in another echoing Shirley Bassey/Eartha Kitt - immense! If you like the Black Wizards, Goldray, Purson, Instant Boner, Vodun et al then you need to grab this as it's going fast...
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danielolneyfme This is a well named project as it teases towards the thickness and confusion of 60’s psychedelia but lands squarely in the post apocalyptic style of Mel Gibson in a Mad Max car chase. You just can’t beat Metal that knows how to use and rearrange its parts so that your never bored! Favorite track: Veinscraper.
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Lake Bottom 04:43
You’re a dog, licking its wounds That’s all you are to me Keep going, cuz the blood’s flowing I’ll watch patiently All that you see, is bits and pieces You see me incomplete You know I’ll never be like the others No one else like me - no How many times can your head hit the wall Before it cracks and bleeds - yeah How many times can you burn your bridge down And keep everything moving - yeah Just like a dog begging for more You’ll never get to me - no You’ll never know me You’ll never have me Down on my knees - no This coulda been avoided No one else to blame but you Sit back down with your bullshit crown and Show the world the truth Hold you under these waves Keep your head down - Behave Take you to the place where Real fucking monsters live Can’t help telling what you knew No one wanting your point of view Can’t help telling what I’d do No one knows my point of view OH! Just a dog licking its wounds That’s all you were to me - yeah Keep swimming now Lake Bottom now That’s what I need - yeah
Illusion Delusion Violence Silence Death You are mine You know I’m watching you You crossed the line I know your kind Sing to me These hills have eyes that watch and wait Scream to me You’ll do your time CAUGHT! Red handed STOPPED! Reprimanded HOT! You’ve been branded Until the end I can’t forget All the parts of me you still hold I can’t forget Any part of what you owe - No! Choke on the sun Full moonlight shines on what you’ve done I won’t forgive I can’t forget CAUGHT! Red handed STOPPED! Reprimanded HOT! You’ve been branded Until the end - and you’re CAUGHT! Red handed Building all your castles in the air I will fan the flames I will burn you down Here I stand Sword in hand I won’t forgive My wish is your command Here I stand With my sword in hand I won’t forgive I can’t forget Illusion Delusion Shhhhh... Death
Hey - All Right - Come on I see you sloggin’ there In your messed up life Where acid rain Cuts like a knife In your fetid world Your sorrow your fight Can’t dig you out of your so-called - life! You’re in too deep - yeah You can’t escape - no no no You’re losing sleep - yeah yeah yeah Her plan’s complete Hey - All Right - Come on You’re diggin’ through Your life’s mundane You’re diggin’ cause It dulls your pain You cannot wait - for this to end You cannot stop - Push - The needle in! A gripping feeling - feeling Draws you in A coaxing darkness - darkness My best friend The needle pulls you - pulls you Down deep within You feel it pulsing - pulsing Inside your skin! Creeping creeping down so slow Hunting hunting for your soul Ripping ripping at your seams Suffocating all your dreams Sinking deeper in the mire Failed extinguish - Mind on fire Ashes ashes into dust Dark obsession - Gust of Lust Eaten alive by the Earth herself Infinity be thy Master
Heavy Water 05:42
Who goes there Who are you There ain’t no wishing well back here There ain’t no wishing well There ain’t no turning back from here There ain’t no wishing well Obsolete Your purpose has no purchase here - You’re in complete - made to disappear Are you the reason I keep falling down The answers live so deep within the ground She whispers to you when you’re fast asleep Pledging hers your soul to keep Cast away Your vicious visage from this nightmare If you know what’s good for you You knew it You saw it comin’ now You blew it You’re gonna pay somehow You knew it AH you saw it comin’ now You blew it We’re gonna take you down! You’re all alone again Her perfume on the wind You cry out Take me with you down that wishing well
Slothgod 04:24 video
Oooh 4-3-2-1 Look out baby here he comes Lookin’ like the one you knew before 5-6-7-8 Wake up early, stay out late Missed connections marching off to war - once more Don’t try to hide - no no no You’re in my sights - and now I’ve got you This friction keeps - yeah yeah yeah This dance alive He-checks-the sun Where did the time go? He missed his mark He missed the Blood flow The space between It’s getting hot as hell yeah We’re tempting fate It’s time to let go My hands are tied - yeah yeah yeah Behind my back - and now I’ve got you Feel so alive - yeah yeah yeah My sweet heart attack (All right - uh huh - Ooh yeah) Grrr yeah! Oh when we reach That melting point Lakes of Lava spiral down - down - down Catch and release Preserved in stone I’m sitting high up on my throne Don’t try to hide You’re in my sights You know this friction keeps my screams alive The stars align over moonlit nightmares Baby’s going down - down - down Nowhere to hide - no no no Between my - eyes - 4-3-2-1 Look out baby here he comes again He’s comin’ - back for more - yeah
Orbit 05:42 video
It’s the end The bitter end Can’t comprehend This fiery reflection I can’t defend My long lost friend Waited so long For this all to END The infection festers Consuming you Hears your cries It’s much ado About nothing Nothing you can do While fire burns - deep Inside of you What are you afraid of What do you think I’m made of Who do you think you are Structures crumble Where do we stand Electric strikes Where does it land You can’t complain - no There’s no refrain - no You have been warned These are the ides What are you afraid of What do you think I’m made of Who do you think you are I am the ulcer and the lance I am the bruise I am the blow I watch you gorge on the body of hate You know you never had a chance. Waited so long - This is the end.
Hey - Stop - Run - Strike Hey - Stop - Run - Wait! While the times change Keep the trainwreck rolling outta control Hey - Stop - Run - Strike Hey - Stop - Run - Grow Like a black hole Twisting, turning the fabric of time Erase the trace You disappear - again Your eyes they can’t - can’t turn away - again Stay in your seat And take the beating - again Trainwreck roll away! Stick that needle in your eye Raise your hand and ask me why You’ll never see what I have seen - oh no You’ll never be who I have been Strike the strings of tyranny! When they sound the bells of hope - oh You’ll never see what they won’t let you see Take my hand and try to cope! Hey - Stop - Run - Strike Hey - Stop - Love - Hate It rolls on, rolls on - ON!
429 06:06
Hoo! Oh yeah- You get a steady stream of nothing at your door The horror’s just the same as just the day before - now I’m Rollin’ down a dusty road Burdened with a rusty load of Hate and strife and truth and lies and Oh the stuff of life Tequila at sunrise Terror by noon Danger come nightfall, then you die You can’t wake up! It’s a three ring circus Watch your head That scarlet queen, your gasoline - Take your blues away Fade away - fade into another plane Catch me now - catch me no-ow-ow Hoo! In a jagged mirror I see who and what I am This broken glass is shattered - this is just a sham Violence - Silence Wipe away my tears again Just let me stay here with you, my friend Take - take - take these blues away, my dear I’ll hold you, hear you and your fears loud and clear Hoo! Grrrrr - yow! That scarlet queen your gasoline - yeah Tequila at sunrise Terror at noon Scarlet queen - you can’t wake up!


- Featured on Top Albums Of The Year lists on High Times, Doomed & Stone and The Sleeping Shaman
- Featured on 'Bandcamp Daily' as #1 in The Shortlist for September 2020,
- Debuted at #22 on Doom Charts for August 2020.

Media quotes:

"There are nine tracks on this record that provide mysterious, unrelenting, genre-defying heavy music. Part doom metal, part acid rock, part occult-obsessed psychedelic - this is music that is sensual, ritualistic, cathartic and thundering, heavy as any heavy metal band out there. With anthropomorphic, think Jefferson Airplane covering Black Sabbath while high on DMT." - High Times (December 2020, Page 35, Top Albums Of The Year article)

"Their version of acid doom is traditional and progressive. It’s very seventies sounding blending the geniuses of early Genesis and Black Sabbath. The result is simply amazing. Very deep and incredibly wasted. Take a trip on Acid Doom." - Doom Charts

"This band is destined for doom greatness, and Acid Doom might well be the vessel that gets them there." - Doomed & Stoned

"History has shown us that few and far between are the bands that not just survived a singer change, but managed to thrive, and yet grow unimpeded afterward. Now, there is a name that can justifiably be added to this very short list ... " - Riff Relevant

"It's absolutely spellbinding, and you can't help but become enraptured at every twist and turn ... " - The Sleeping Shaman

" ... part psychedelic stoner rock, part doom orchestra, and could easily set the tone for a good Hammer Horror film" - Hear She Roars

" .... a world rich in sensual energy and howling fire. No, it isn’t hell. Nor is it Twin Peaks. But you’re not far off." - Cult of the Ibex

" ... a superb album that combines many influences that all work well together, rather than clashing with one another. Psychedelic rock, doom, prog, blues, jazz, classical…you can tick them all off the list. It’s all here, and it’s like one big party. A classy, sensual one at that." - Abrasive Noise


released August 28, 2020

- Recorded in Glendale, California
- Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Rev. Tom Chandler
- Music & Lyrics by OLD BLOOD
* "Lake Bottom" lyrics by Kate Harmon
- A Metal Assault Records x DHU Records release

Lynx - vocals
C. Gunner - guitar
Octopus - bass
Diesel - drums
J.F. Stone - keyboards


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OLD BLOOD Los Angeles, California

The doom circus known as OLD BLOOD.

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